Raspberry VS 2 Gizmo

Raspberry Pi and the origin of the Mini PC

Surely all know already the famous Raspberry Pi, a mini PC that was born as have cheap computers for practices in schools and colleges, but it turns out that the makers have seen a potential to create projects of these plates and of course have left many more mini PCs. Today we’ll talk about Gizmo 2 in some places branded him as Raspberry Pi competition, but not so, it has its advantages and its disadvantages as we shall see.

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

2 Gizmo is superior technology

Gizmo 2 is far superior in terms of speed, it is a monster of the miniPC that is their advantage much faster than the Raspberry with more USB connectors including USB 3.0, based on the old x 86 AMD-powered computers and is Open Source. Your video output is HDMI like the Raspberry and uses a microSD card. Its main disadvantage is its consumption since it requires a fan to dissipate heat and your price 199 dollars in Spain sold for 160 euros, very above the nearly 50 that costs the Raspberry.

Gizmo 2

2 2 Gizmo

Rapberry vs Gizmo 2

For comparison we will use the Raspberry Pi 2 model B, since they are similar in price and it is the most advanced.

Raspberry Pi

Gizmo 2

CPU 900 MHz quad – core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU SoC AMD Embedded GX-210HA (dual core 1 GHz)
GPU VideoCore IV 3D graphics core Radeon HD 8210E
USB 4 USB 2.0 2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0
PRICE 48€ $ 199 (€160)
SO Several own highlight Rasbuntu (ubuntu-based) The same as for a PC x 86 (windows, linux…)

In summary

Technically Gizmo 2 is a competition of Raspberry Pi, but not is or best or worst, is different if our project uses battery should use what less consumes, i.e. the Raspberry, if have a project more powerful the Gizmo, not us close to has best features, also consumes more by this will depend of what need. In my case the Raspberrys use to create WebServers telecontrolados home automation or similar, perhaps if a Raspberry if you become small in any application can pass a Gizmo, but if what I believe is a robot will try to always use Raspberry.

Greetings and Geeking

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