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Video surveillance systems or CCTV (closed circuit TV)

Introduction to the CCTV and video surveillance cameras

The CCTV systems of live viewing or recording intended for a small group of people are (unlike televisions designed for wide public) with a system of this kind can control your business or housing at all times from the place itself or from the Internet. Video surveillance, as its name suggests is a system to control cameras with or without recording a particular place. So both terms are different, but sometimes they are used as synonyms.

Videovigilancia outdoor CCTV
Outdoor CCTV camera

Types of cameras for video surveillance in CCTV

There are two types of cameras mainly to watch or record a specific installation, analogue cameras and IP cameras. The fundamental difference is that an IP camera features if it all the functionality, has its own web page that access to configure or view. On the other hand analog cameras require a device to visualize them as a multiplexer, a recorder or a simple screen, as advantage to be more simple are cheaper and long lasting, its reliability is greater. Regarding its design, we have foreign cameras, domes, miniaturized and even concealed cameras. Each doing a different function in video surveillance.

CCTV video surveillance dome
Dome Cameras for video surveillance

Monitored for a CCTV cameras

Video surveillance cameras can have motion the so-called PTZ Protocol with the can move them, focus on them or make a real zoom and non-digital, both the CCTV facilities with IP cameras as with analog surveillance can have this feature, very useful in certain applications where it is really needed greater control.

CCTV recorders

Recorders or DVRS are another key part of video surveillance systems, manage the image you receive cameras and recorded onto a hard drive continuously, erasing the last recordings as it fills. Currently these devices have large amount of functionalities that are described below:

  • Recording of images: function main, allow to record and retrieve images from the memory.
  • Connection to an external monitor: have one or more outputs for monitors (VGA, HDMI, SCART…) depending on the model.
  • Remote access via the Internet: many times it is really important to be able to access an installation of CCTV from outside, so the DVR functionality is accessed from a mobile device or any computer. Logically with a username and password.
  • Multiplexer of images: the modern DVR allows several options, see a unique camera, change, divide the screen into several… so much for live video surveillance and recording.
  • PTZ: From whether we enter from a remote location by a web browser as from a local display, they allow us to move, zoom, or focus on our CCTV cameras.
DVR for video surveillance and CCTV
Software for CCTV and video surveillance

Law of protection of data for video surveillance and CCTV installations

 Purpose of the installation of video surveillance and CCTV

Remember that an installation of CCTV has a purpose, cannot it be installed a video surveillance system in a garage to spy on neighbors its purpose is: «avoid crime and identify the cause if there», it is important that always has to inform about the recording of images and the presence of a CCTV installation, save in exceptional cases as areas completely private or domestic. Video surveillance systems must not be used if there is another method less invasive for the safeguarding of the privacy of persons, in this case, should recognize that there are few circumstances in which you can use. Installation of video surveillance in a private space can not capture images of other space private or a public place (except in exceptional circumstances). The images must not be stored indefinitely.

Poster CCTV video surveillance
Area surveillanced

Registration in the register of data protection

Any installation of video surveillance and CCTV with recording this forced to register data protection act in order to have legalized such installation, can access the telematic register through the portal of the Spanish Agency of data protection.

About our installations of CCTV in León

 Area of work

We all kind of CCTV and video surveillance facilities in the province of León, advice regarding the best systems for every situation, from small installations in homes with a single camera, up to large surfaces of any purpose.

Web custom home automation

If you want to incorporate into a website all systems of a building or building and that the cameras are integrated with an intelligent system, we are specialists in this type of work. If you want to create a map of the installation showing each video surveillance camera and that is displayed the same images when you click on it, it is also possible, even on the same plane to turn lighting for better viewing of CCTV. To learn more about intelligent systems visit our section of home automation.

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