Industrial automations


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Electrical design for industrial automation

Design of them circuits of power and command, with all them components for automation industrial with all their component, project electric and specifications technical for the reproduction of the same, systems of security and protections, for any type of applications, including elements of measure and actuators, all it necessary for an industry modern.

Design power of pictures for automation industrial
Design power of pictures for automation industrial

Programming of automats (PLC)

Programming and flowchart of the automats (PLC) industrial with possibility to code, or part thereof, the customer if necessary. Intelligent, automated solutions for almost any situation and process. Technical support for the operation and maintenance, commissioning and study of operation in the industry itself.

Block diagram of relay.


Mounting of the box industry

Mounting of the picture and its implementation of the same spot, testing, operation and performance. Implementation of electrical design and connection with the PLCs, communications and all the necessary work for the installation in the industrial plant. Creation of the automation process.

Pictures electric for automation industrial
Pictures electric for automation industrial

Creation of SCADA systems

Programming of systems SCADA traditional or Web possibility of telecontrol the system by internet or only in the plant industrial using SCADA traditional, creation of databases with them historical of communication.

Have of a platform own to manage them automations industrial and buildings intelligent access to all their homes and their features from a single place.

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