Building services

Building services

We have Drouiz different types of facilities and engineering services.

Projects and technical office

Projects and technical office
Technical office and on engineering projects in Leon.

All type of projects of engineering for facilities of buildings. Read more.

Electricity and industrial maintenances

Lego electrician
Electricity and industrial maintenances.

Facilities electrical industrial, maintenance of the installation and advice for efficiency energy. Read more.

Automation and SCADA systems

Automats (PLC)

Design and engineering of pictures electric, programming of automats and of SCADA systems. Read more.

Video surveillance and CCTV

Surveillance Bullet camera Sony HD-TVI 720 p
Surveillance Bullet camera Sony HD-TVI 720 p

Surveillance and CCTV and maintenance of these facilities. Read more

Access control

Installation and configuration for maintenance and access control systems. Read more

Alarms no fee

Installation of alarms without fee or monthly fee. Read more