Electronics projects

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Where we work with electronics?

Most of our customers are located in Leon, but we work in any area of the national territory, often only programmed or designed electronics and implemented locally by a specialized technician. Fundamentally our way of working is to use electronic open source or open as Arduino or Rapberry Pi source and adding electronic analog if required for the application.

Services of electronic

Electronics and implementation projects

Creation of electronic systems for concrete applications of our clients, from industrial applications to prototypes for consumer electronics. We tend to avail ourselves of all the tools available today, we recommend the use of already known devices and with great community as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, being easily configurable elements. Nevertheless we will use own plates, you can design and create PCBs based on designs such as Arduino but with features specific requiring the application.

Arduino most used in electronics
Arduino most used in electronics

Electronics and restoration

There are teams and machines that your operation mechanical can be correct and its electronic stay is obsolete, any machinery from the industrial to it lucrative can improve is its electronic, well for repair is, for add functions or for improve your operation and security. We can improve any kind of machinery that requires a specialized electronics.

Electronics repairs

For those printed circuit boards that can be expensive, especially for power electronics, we carry out repairs, which usually tend to be cheaper than the official technical service. Usually many systems electronics fails to receive surge trying to find the problem in food or items that support more power.

Electronics and Internet of things

The electronics of the 21st century

Formerly a system that performed their function in isolation, of a time now more and more electronics of any kind is attached to the internet, since intelligent control of a House, a building to a possible pinball online. We are aware that our customers need this type of services and are specialized not only in electronic if not also in the technologies of internet.

Raspberry Pi mini computer

For projects where the electronics must be linked to the network of networks, we use mini-computers-low consumption that make bridge between the machine and the internet, having an own web design for access from any device. Areas such as agriculture or livestock away on many occasions of any electronic technology can take advantage of these systems to better control with less effort.

Electronics and Raspberry Pi
Electronics and Raspberry Pi

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