Web design in León


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Web design in León

Design for professional freelancers in León

For freelancers there is the possibility of automatically adding Instagram photos to your website, having an easy and simple way the website updated with the latest works, improving their design and having a better positioning in Google. As indicated in the video. We work primarily in Leon but we carry out tasks at the national level, a good design for your business is critical. We will create a good, modern design and innovative for your business, adapted to mobile. 

Design of pages web corporate

Creation of corporate sites with custom designs, depending on the needs of the customer marketing. Created with designs responsive in order to have a configuration is optimal on all devices (PCs, tables or mobile), avant-garde and with the colors of the brand. A design web perfect for your image in Internet. Optimize the SEO and positioning to get the most from visits. We specialize in companies for Lion and throughout the national territory.

Small business websites

Creation and web design and maintenance for small business, improvement of the positioning, advice to have a good image on the internet. Affordable to have a good name of your business on the internet, created templates or customizable and configurable to each type of site, a business without web today is almost as though it doesn't exist therefore it is advisable to take your place the network of networks accessible to get to know your products or activities. With a blog or portfolio where to place the news or events of the organization.

Shop online at Lion design

As possible plus your website, we can create a shop online where customer can add their products with modern designs and have to be completely autonomous, we have the necessary tools to create everything you need for your store this fully prepared.

Custom web designs

We carry out all types of designs and programming of frontend and backend completely customized for any Web applications.


Web programming

Application standard

Web applications with PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, NodeJS, MongoDB programming… for specific needs, most of programming we do is usually to create interfaces between people and machines or home automation, but nonetheless we leave to other services and schedules, and designs that we request. Since creation of databases of customers to creation of graphics.


Comunacion Web with processes physical

In industrial areas or buildings and intelligent cities, we create applications where interact and monitoring data through the internet, to learn more about this section, visit our section of home automation and smartcities. Monitoring data and Big Data, using the best technologies open source, designs and easy settings for a good user experience.

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