Energy Save

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Energy Save

Until a few years ago, infrastructure sought performance no matter too consumption, nowadays, increasingly, attempts to that without reducing the production of a factory or the comfort of a restaurant, services to consume less, this is the definition of energy save. This implies two advantages, on the one hand a clear saving in supplies of any kind and on the other be aware with the environment and emissions of harmful gases.

Ecological commitment

Drouiz is a brand that thinks in the future therefore is giving the best service in energy management, so that our customers can improve, saving and without sacrificing their source of income. We carry out consultancies and energy audotorias, to know you points of each property and in this way, the customer can take the decision to invest based on the savings generated by the proposed measures.

On the other hand, together with a monitoring system, check the measures periodically of a building, looking for day-to-day how to improve savings and making preventive reviones, better with an example, if we see an air conditioning consumption curve and this begins to increase is the time to call a technician avoiding that excessive consumption and preventing the deterioration of the same and to fail suddenly at a time critical leaving a room without air conditioning and economic losses which is supposed to have to close it for repair.

Energy label
Energy label

Energy efficiency and savings

The most interesting part for companies or organizations for energy efficiency is saving that can make change technologies with better performance, this corresponds to a lower consumption of energy products (electricity or fuels). Therefore it is of vital importance to know the energy situation of your business (local, factory, factory…) or even the city (public lighting, Hall buildings…) to improve their save and reduce costs.

Audit energy

Know where saving and, as are their investments and the return on them. If you consider over their consumption please contact us and we will be able to lower your bills. Read more.

Energy certifications

As company specialized in energy efficiency and save make the energy certificate for buildings, click here to learn more.

Efficient facilities

Projects and installations of LED lighting

Also in this line have efficient lighting with LED technology projects of latest technology, we conducted studies of lighting to our customers both end and electricians installers that want to collaborate with us as well as installation and sale thereof, for more information please click here.

LED fixture more efficient, less energy for the same consumption.
LED fixture more efficient, less energy for the same consumption.

Smart facilities

Remote control and intelligent systems

With devices of control intelligent and BU can improve the consumption to the perform off and lit of machinery and lighting by schedules. These systems are part of our solutions home automation or of smart cities.

Data monitoring

Drouiz Monitor is our tool to see consumption in time real facilities access all its buildings from a single point.

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