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Engineering in Leon, Office technical and projects.

We are a company based in León which, among other functions, carry out engineering projects, although not only we limit ourselves to this province, since we have done work for more places of Spain.


Approvals and projects of any type, electrical, HVAC, industrial… the benefits to hiring an engineering service is the perfect coordination of the work, economic study and compliance with regulations as well as technical advice to work to execute. Also the action of intermediaries between the various public and private bodies for the correct execution of the same.


Projects and technical office
Technical office and on engineering projects in Leon.

Among the different types of projects to make is found:


  • Indoor facilities of BT.
  • Processing centers.
  • AT, MT / BT lines.
  • Installations and photovoltaic orchards.


  • Air conditioning and heating.
  • Fire extinguishing.
  • Extraction.
  • Pipes.
  • Fire.

Activity and industrial

  • Industries, workshops and warehouses.
  • Shops
  • Sports centres.
  • Places of leisure.

Technical office

The work of an office technical is perform projects of engineering for approved facilities, machinery or systems, also the management of documents and the processing of them same with them organs public competent.

Construction management

Usually the direction of work will associated with a project and consists of a document where a competent technician ensures that the requirements specified in the project, as well as environmental and planning regulations have been met. The main contractor can also coordinate various operatives who acted in the same

Energy certifications

Creation of energy certificates for buildings required for the sale or rental of the same.

Management of documentation

We make all the management of the work documents to facilitate the customer all the process with the administration. We carry out all the tasks that will be tedious to get the work to fruition.

Certified energy

One of the most requested documents in these times is energy buildings certification, since, from June of 2013 it is obligatory to sell or rent a property, to know more about she can click here.

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