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Proud of our SEO

For some time we have been doing an important SEO campaign to position certain keywords together with lion, which is where we are located. But of all our efforts emphasize that with the key words "Lion project" we are third in Google, we highlight is because there are lot of pages that speak of projects […]


Think in SEO

Yesterday we had a master class of SEO positioning with @Minipunk a Mason, that is all a virtuoso in social networks in León and in SEO. Among their feats "hunt" a Facebook security bug. It has been a great experience, not only by their knowledge if not for the form of teaching, sincerely the best […]

Fabricación Digital Charla Domótica

After Automation Conference

Just finished the first of six lectures on Digital manufacturing and has been proud to be that we inaugurate this event with the first talking about home automation, building automation and SmartCity, thanks to q-ality the opportunity and confidence to this task.   And for which not were here I leave a link to the […]