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Lighting efficient and installation of LED in León

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What is LED lighting?

A LED is a diode that emits light, a diode is an electronic component, by which we could define a LED as an electronic device that emits light as opposed to a light bulb that is a resistance or an electrical component.

How works a LED?


LED luminaire
Luminaire replacement LED bulb


Basically an LED emits photons (particles of light) when it passes an electric current through it, turning part of the electrical energy into light.

Because it consumes less than traditional lighting LED?

We will first compare the LEDs with incandescent light bulbs, incandescent lighting uses a power at very high temperature resistance for a metal emits light, i.e. emits because heats light is a consequence of the heat, so power consumption is used to rise at a temperature very high bulb, only about 10% is converted to light the rest is heat which is lost , as comment saying that in summer the traditional luminaires not only consumed more have the disadvantage of forcing more conditioners. A LED luminaire instead uses electrical energy into light energy and there is always a small loss of heat, but in this case is 90% that takes advantage.

The second comparison is with the fluorescent, in principle they operate similarly to an electricity LED to "blow up" the particles of light, but instead of being an electronic device as a LED is a gas, these luminaires have the disadvantage that when they start need a very high voltage with a device called a choke gets to increase its voltage until it ionizes the gas and electric current can pass. Therefore consume much at the beginning.

Life useful of the lighting LED?

To the heat is less that any other device the LED have a life useful much more wide, our products have a warranty of two, three and five years, by the security that us supposed the have luminaires LED with a great durability.

Other techniques of improvement in lighting

Part of the shift to LED there are other recommended installation techniques, logically each place will require one or the other depending on the needs, schedules, access to natural light, if it is interior or exterior lighting.

LED fluorescent replacement
LED fluorescent replacement

Controls of presence and movement for lighting

A motion controller is the best choice for places of passage, those where it is only necessary to ignite with the traffic of people, preventing forgetfulness to turn off the light. The best example is a community, formerly the light kindled all them flats, with controls of presence only is activated those by where are moving them people.

Regulated for LED intelligent lighting

He following step in complexity consists in sensors of lighting that activated them luminaries depending on the intensity light and regulate automatically them LED depending on the lighting outside, i.e., regulates our luminaires LED to work to a rhythm lower to the 100%. It is also possible to manual regulations with the same mechanisms.

Control of schedules in lighting

The schedule control represents a saving in those places where the opening and closing times are known, avoids oversights assuming savings, ideal for any sector, an important adaptation is the regulation by astronomical clock for outside where our lights will switch on / off depending on the rising and setting sun.

 Studies of lighting LED Dialux

In a multitude of facilities it is necessary a study on the lighting that will receive and whether it is sufficient and necessary for the work to be done, according to recommendations or regulations on lighting. The advantages are as follows:

  • Knowledge of LED luminaires needed for such work
  • Saving time in tests with electricians installers to get the fit optimal
  • Compliance of the normative in force for lighting.
  • Know the exact measurement of lighting and not have one greater investment or more necessary spending.
  • Not always is meets that much more light better by that is recommended using them luminaries specific for each type of work or place.
  • Advice on the type of LED light (cold, neutral or warm)

That is why our facilities can be accompanied by a previous study where lighting data will be known.

 Types of LED luminaires

There are LED that replace virtually any current fixture, screw bulb, halogen, fluorescent, external focus… even LED strips with the range of colors. Therefore any previous installation of lighting is reusable. With respect to the type of color, there are three divisions, cold (white), neutral (mixed white yellow) and warm (yellow), usually the warm is used for more relaxed places like restaurants, galleries or halls while cold tones for sites more assets such as workshops or offices.

Substitute halogen LED



Drouiz your lighting LED in León

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