Building automation Integral

What is the building automation?

The building automation is defined as building automation. More colloquial as a home automation to it large. Consists in making smart a building full. Although the Word home automation is very known, certain is that the building automation is is applying much more, them costs of both are high but for a building it investment concerning the saving usually result very interesting, without mention the control total that is can give to all the property.

Building automation integral Drouiz
Building automation integral Drouiz

Projects integrated in building automation

We are a company that we are dedicated fundamentally to integrations building. We create integrated projects and collaborate with several companies specializing in different areas (energy efficiency, facilities, security…) to give a better service to our customer.

App for projects integrated in building automation and home automation
App for projects integrated in building automation and home automation

Services in building automation and home automation

A project inmotic integral or in minor scale one home automation is of manage all the facilities of the building in a same place and be part of the Bussines Ingeligent (software of the intelligence of business). Among the services that we offer:

  • Monitoring of data for efficiency worth with our pakete of software Ekoala.
  • Remote control and remote management of the building.
  • Possibility of creating home automation projects for 2D drawing with all elements of the installation.
  • Projects and programming custom for every need (control by time, by scenes, by alarms…)
  • Mobile or CRA alarms in real time for installations that require it.
  • Adapt the building automation to the needs specific of each customer.
  • Connections with ERP, CRM or BI.
  • Recording of CCTV in the cloud to have a copy updated.
  • Cyber Security for facilities critical (selected as project in the incubator of Cyberemprende).
  • Control of personal or of presence.

Benefits of the building automation

The building not only automation is a fashion, the trend is that the buildings tend to be smart by having a series of benefits, tends to be much more interesting inmotics to domotics for being relatively cheaper and the return of the savings be more interesting.

  • Efficiency and energy savings.
  • Prevention of faults especially in local where the closing can assume losses high.
  • Greater control over the property.
  • Remote management and remote from any part of the world with a connection to internet.
  • Improves the comfort and saves costs of staff in certain tasks.
Best comfort with the building automation
Best comfort with the building automation

Our Software inmotic integral

Given our experience and knowing the evolution and the market of the real estate have developed our software for our projects integral of building automation and home automation. He software has of all the possibilities that requires each property both made by us as by tecerceros taking a platform that centralize all them homes and with different access for each user. Contact with us for a demo.

Projects integral to home automation and building automation
Projects integral to home automation and building automation

Integrate with any Hardware

In our projects inmotic or home automation work using them different hardwares that find in the market, try to of use those that us give confidence but that are economic looking for the best solution to each project.

Hardware Inmotic

The hardwares purely inmotic with those protocols that are more than fashion for this type of facilities as KNX, LonWorks or BacNET. Work with them depending on the needs of each project or as is integrate the devices or of them tastes of each client.

Integrating the industry into the building automation

In sometimes use meters, sensors or actuators industrial with protocols ModBus or OPC, for the reliability of these devices in environments hostile or by be protocols more simple and fast always looking for it best for each installation.

Projects architectural and inmotic
Projects architectural and inmotic

Building automation and open source

The communities open source and projects as Arduino and Raspberry with all it community that have back make that can be elements very robust and safe in certain facilities, combined with those seen previously. Increasingly there are more projects for home automation or building automation of this electronics, that to be free is not dependent on any manufacturer or closed product.