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Machine tools CNC and digital fabrication.

If we speak of digital fabrication and CNC (numerical control) machines we must begin with its language, the G-Code, is a standard by which our machines understand what to do. The G-code or programming G indicates the movement to be performed. All the machines have at least one part mobile, as this is the part […]

Industria 4.0

ISA-95 levels

ISA-95 is a standard integration of companies and control systems. Establishes five levels ranging from the industrial process to accounting systems, tries to manage the hierarchy of an enterprise applications. ISA-95 level 0: the process This level is the industrial process itself, the machinery and the necessary human resources. The part most physics of the […]


Possible attacks on a PLC

We will analyze a system with a Siemens S7 300 PLC with elements of distributed periphery, you can download the manual here. Highlight that among the components of the Automat, are: Card SD Connector for connection MPI (interface of step of messages) Operation selector Power supply input Ethernet port. Different LEDs. Forms of sabotage such a […]

Devices of control industrial.

There are different forms of control processes industrial each one with its advantages and disadvantages: PLC: Are programmable logic devices, are programmed to low level, so they are very stable. Also are very robust as enduring high temperatures, vibrations and other problems of the atmospheres industrial. Its operation is simple, you read some entries calculated […]

Maker Tools

Every time I love more the maker movement, for those who do not know, consists of people who manufactured their things, so simple, “do it yourself” (haglo yourself). A less orthodox definition would be craftsmen technology. The boom of these communities has got that stuff as the printers 3D are a product affordable to any pocket. […]

Fabricación Digital Charla Domótica

After Automation Conference

Just finished the first of six lectures on Digital manufacturing and has been proud to be that we inaugurate this event with the first talking about home automation, building automation and SmartCity, thanks to q-ality the opportunity and confidence to this task.   And for which not were here I leave a link to the […]