Home Automation, building automation and Smartcity in León

Drouiz Monitor

We have its own platform for monitoring, management and remote control for intelligent buildings of any kind (home and building automation) and cities (smart cities., manage all your properties from a single location. Can see an example below.


Home Automation is called Drouiz

Systems to control homes (home automation), entire buildings (intelligent) or cities (Smart City) are proliferating increasingly, its benefits are efficiency and savings, at first. To perform maintenance of facilities mathematically and better know their status to put before us to future damage. Ultimately greater control over our infrastructure.

BU systems

With reach it Internet almost all real estate of any kind and to mobile devices creates a tendency to telecontrol and monitoring of data via the web. With this technology we can save energy and have more control over our homes or businesses.

Web applications to control all kinds of smart buildings. An intelligent building with a home automation application is able to turn off automatically according to your schedule, your activity or with Assembly and disarming of the alarm. Know the people that access or leave in time real, for to perform all type of studies or simply to have a control of accesses.

We have a platform of data monitoring for our facilities where our customers can visualize and observe all your business or home from one place.

Home Automation

In the first step is are those services oriented to housing, can know what happens in our House in all time, observe them consumption, estimate the expenditure monthly and treat of reduce it. Smart homes are a breakthrough in modern constructions can turn on heating while we go on the way home or when we plan a weekend suddenly in our second home.

Home Automation
Home automation systems control

These systems are fully customizable depending on the needs of each type of housing, services such as the sent SMS, email or WhatApp messages in real time there is an incidence. Installation of webcams to observe what happens while we are not.

Not only serve to improve the comfort or to save costs this progress allows us to have more control if you have a dependent person at home. We can implement any idea that our customer may have.

Building automation

The next step are the facilities building, where we deal with buildings larger or more complex as local of the tertiary sector, industry, hotels and resorts, blocks of flats, gardens, farms… generally any building. They are highly recommended investments as they generally have a two-year period, to have a saving around 30% and can reach even more depending on the quality of the property.

Retail and hospitality

Keep control of your business from anywhere in the world and easily interact easily from a mobile phone or PC. Sending automatic and real-time consumption, alarms (fire, intrusion, or malfunction). Influx of people who entered their establishment and daily income. Home Automation or building automation of the tertiary sector represents a great number of advantages.

Access cameras of the establishment and notice how serves the business without you being present. Decide the ignition or lights manually and automatic shut-off.


In the case of factories make SCADA systems via internet, traditionally these systems were installed on a computer within the factory itself, in this way if some responsible is not found on the site for the reason that, out in the event of a failure, can access and view the situation to a report or indicate as to solve it.

We carry out all the automation project and its implementation as well as relevant websites designs so that they can be telecontrolados and observed. A classic example of a system inmotic or home automation in a medium-sized or small industry, usually ses loss of air from a compressed air circuit, we can detect it and turn off the compressor outside working hours.

Blocks of neighbors and developments

Them communities with areas and services common, is can develop systems smart to save or to manage the expenditure individual of each housing and make a billing automatic, saving costs in administrators that manually have that go to each counter and make them measurements for subsequently send them notifications.

Also in the case of housing estates you can control outside lighting or perform joint with geothermal heating projects, where they are relatively expensive for an individual but profitable investments and Moreover if several people, but that the monthly expenditure is practically non-existent.

Gardens, agriculture and livestock

For gardening, agriculture and in general any system of irrigation or of pipes can add is to them technologies of remote, as in them cases earlier the saving both energy as in labor is the main motivation, but also the have, in time real, of all the possible incidents. These systems, which may be individual or collective, can let us know via mobile phone to all users. A “home automation” system for irrigation can send a message to each user when his hours of use and the user set it according to their needs. Reporting of errors in the installation to the collective, etc.

Smart Cities

The last step are called “SmartCity” or cities smart similar to home automation, but big, the automation of lighting or waste management are the main advantages, but this is an open research field. Cities where there is an incidence a notification to each citizen who may be affected, phone know where is located each bus in every moment and how much will it take to get to the next stop, smart function of traffic lights that are more efficient. These are just a few examples of what these technologies can do.

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