Freelance front-end developer

Specialties such as programmer Freelance Front-End

The Front end is the layer which users, see the code that executes on the computer who visits a website, as opposed to the Back-end which is the code that executes on the server. As freelance front-end developer (also performed Back-ends) use the following technologies in which I specialise.

Programming JavaScript + Jquery

Within the front-end make almost any program in Javascript and Jquery that performing such diverse tasks as:

  • Programming of Charts and graphs with different types of libraries.
  • Interaction with Open Street Maps or Google Maps
  • Design and programming with any API open as can be the weather (Open Street Maps or AEMET)
  • Interactive and Visual effects that improve the UX (user experience)

If you have a project, please do not hesitate to contact me to advise and give budget.

Front-end Developer Charts
Front-end Developer Charts

Programming front-end with AngularJS

AngularJS is a library created by Google to create Web applications fast, in which it is not necessary to update the entire page but only certain parts, be more interactive, create pleasing Visual effects when changing… in my opinion a great technology for any app or web project.

Programming front-end with ReactJS

Another interesting library for the front-end is ReactJS created by Facebook, more light than the previous but also with less features, but much more powerful and fast.

Front-end React + angle

Also is possible join both and use it best of each a, according to that project want to perform or that technology you are using can adapt an another or both.

Design front-end, not all programming is

The design is something really important in the front-end, I can create the design of the application entirely free-form, following guidelines or that this is delivered the final design (Mockup) and work from this.

Designing and programming with Boostrap

Boostrap for being a great tool I use to design and with a great community, making it easier to find accessories and parts of it to create an elegant, modern design and responsive (suitable for all devices). Easy to customize and program improvements.

Design Mobile

Using JavaScript also I realize the design and programming of the same so that your application is complete.