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Drouiz user guide

As operates the platform Drouiz of monitoring of data? If you are interested in learning about our platform can download the following PDF file, it is a brief document with basic features, since our system is adaptable and configurable to any type of installation. DOWNLOAD USER GUIDE DROUIZ PLATFORM On the other hand remember that […]

As CCTV cable crimping

The crimping process consists usually compress a terminal to a certain cable communications, in this case we will explain how to perform this process for a coaxial CCTV that connects a video surveillance camera to a recorder with a BNC connector. BNC connector A connector for coaxial cable, which carries two polarities is live (positive) […]

Alarmas y CCTV

How to know if you have a good installation of alarms.

In the last few days I’ve been watching certain installations of alarms in commercial establishments and seen, at least in my humble opinion, certain negligence. Many people trust in them professional that hire and each which has an idea different of as perform their work, not refuse that with the best will, but even so […]