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Alarmas y CCTV

How to know if you have a good installation of alarms.

In the last few days I’ve been watching certain installations of alarms in commercial establishments and seen, at least in my humble opinion, certain negligence. Many people trust in them professional that hire and each which has an idea different of as perform their work, not refuse that with the best will, but even so […]

Fabricación Digital Charla Domótica

After Automation Conference

Just finished the first of six lectures on Digital manufacturing and has been proud to be that we inaugurate this event with the first talking about home automation, building automation and SmartCity, thanks to q-ality the opportunity and confidence to this task.   And for which not were here I leave a link to the […]

II am FaBuilding

After an initial approach between different professionals and amateurs in everything related to building the future and Smart Cities. Calling the second meeting day on May 16, 2014, you are all invited to go, simply confirm your presence to have squares. http://www.drouiz.com/FaBuilding.pdf Remember that it is an event where meet people from different areas, we […]