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Electricista Lego

Automation without hacker, cyber security in the Internet of things

Industry, automation and electronics If you enter any industry that is automated, you'll see that who has programmed electronics or PLCs are for general industrial engineers, who know how to program but haven't had the necessity of making their systems secure. As a general rule an industry automation was a black box closed to the […]

arduino php

PHP + Arduino on Windows

Arduino and the Internet of the things Increasingly stronger being the union of electronic devices especially Arduino with a Web control, there are several ways of working from the server side (PHP, ASP, Python, Node…) in this tutorial we will make a connection with PHP. The Ideal If you have a device to obtain to […]

Ubuntu – II – LAMP server

Introduction A LAMP server is a set of software for Web sites. Consists of an Apache Server, MySQL database and PHP interpreter for dynamic Web pages. (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). In our case we will replace MySQL for MariaDB, both similar and compatible. Apache Introduction to Apache Apache is an open source web server and […]

Drouiz user guide

As operates the platform Drouiz of monitoring of data? If you are interested in learning about our platform can download the following PDF file, it is a brief document with basic features, since our system is adaptable and configurable to any type of installation. DOWNLOAD USER GUIDE DROUIZ PLATFORM On the other hand remember that […]

Industria 4.0

ISA-95 levels

ISA-95 is a standard integration of companies and control systems. Establishes five levels ranging from the industrial process to accounting systems, tries to manage the hierarchy of an enterprise applications. ISA-95 level 0: the process This level is the industrial process itself, the machinery and the necessary human resources. The part most physics of the […]

Home automation and industrial protocols

After comment in tickets earlier them forms of interact physical and wireless, are going to describe them protocols more important to communicate systems industrial or home automation. Us will focus only in those standards since there are thousands of protocols owners that only serve to interact among devices of the same manufacturer. TCP/IP The Protocol […]