Arduino tutorials

Collection of tutorials for Arduino.

Tutorials basic Arduino:

  1. Power LED – Digital output
  2. Digital input
  3. Input analog with potentiometer
  4. Dimmable LED – output PWM
  5. Serial port
  6. Luminosity sensor
  7. Thermostat – forks If… Else
  8. Car fantastic-loop FOR simple
  9. LED – dynamic FOR loop meter
  10. Sensor Touch – capacitive button for Arduino.
  11. Analog joystick – Joystick Anatolian style Play Station for Arduino.

Tutorials half Arduino:

  1. Relay Arduino – enable and disable circuit of 220 V.
  2. Ultrasonic sensor – use of an ultrasonic sensor.
  3. Pulse – meter

Advanced Arduino tutorials:

  1. Flanks of rise and of down-there are applications where is needed that a change of signal do an action.
  2. Convert a button-using the relay and the sensor touch of Arduino with the flanks.
  3. PHP + Arduino – Control of the serial port with PHP from a Windows Server.