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Programmer Freelance Back-End

Specialties such as programmer Freelance backend

The back-end is a web code that executes on the server. It usually includes among other things the session management, access to APIs from other sites and communication with the databases. I also do freelance programming and design front end.

Programming backend in NodeJS

An of the technologies more than fashion by its simplicity, community and power for the development of the Back-end is NodeJS. Programming in NodeJS is programmed in JavaScript, among my services as Freelance is the scheduling of almost any type of mobile or web application in this language.

Freelance expecializado in NodeJS
Freelance expecializado in NodeJS

Programming backend with Express

Expanding a bit NodeJS, arrived to Express, a framework or environment of work for NodeJS. Express is simply something that gives us life developers in the development. Express is aimed at working with front-ends fast as Angular or React. Integrates perfectly with them.

Programming and development with Express
Programming and development with Express

Other libraries to improve the programming of NodeJS

There are large amount of libraries for NodeJS that facilitate the work for those freelancers and developers and therefore save costs. Highlighted with which in my case usually work:

Development of front end with Bower

Bower is a great library developed in principle by Twitter to automate the insertion of css and front-end js libraries.

Automating the programming with Gulp

The best way to work with NodeJS is automating tasks according to the application, to develop this Gulp is a powerful library that helps and saves time.

Data from the Back End databases

There are two types of NoSQL and SQL databases, between my knowledge and therefore what I offer my clients as a freelancer is the uploading of these two types of databases.

Development of relational databases SQL

Relational databases are those that have a well defined structure, there are applications where a SQL database or relational are the ideal. There are various SQL databases ranging from: SQL Server (from Microsoft), MariaDB, MySQL, Postgress… any of them may be used for the programming of an app for my clients.

Freelance programming in SQL
Freelance programming in SQL

MongoDB and NoSQL

On the other hand MongoDB and the NoSQL databases with a free structure are increasingly more employed for the use of big dagger you might say are data coming from many places and each one has a different structure, on the other hand MongoDB is a database that is programmed with JavaScript and is integrated as a finger ring with NodeJS.

freelance expert in mongoDB
freelance expert in mongoDB