Presentación del Proyecto

StartUp Weekend Leon

StarUp Weekend Leon

This weekend went to the Start Up Weekend Leon, is an event promoted by Google, consists in developing an idea in a weekend. How? then step by step. The first thing that must be done is standardized, there are no serious event sports, cultural or entrepreneur without t-shirts, party also have a few bracelets each according to our specialty color (Green: programmer, yellow: Designer, Blue: bussines and rojo:mentor) has to say that here I made a mistake was programmer but in the register as a designer, so it was yellow and not green , also had that ask as was the green as are just those colors that not took well, was born a little colorblind, if outside designer best work only with white and black.

Presentation StarUp Weekend Leon
Presentation StarUp Weekend Leon


Get to know us

Logically it first is know is, through games, to the more pure style of them camps children’s and youth, remember that is undertaken and work not must be boring, all it contrary if them big as Google have slides will be by something. Highlight the last game in which with random words had to create a business idea and present it in a minute, of course a work group to get to know better still on my computer was already Juantxo and cheerful ability and creativity were the key in my next decision.

Rock, paper, scissors
Rock, paper, scissors

Present the Idea

We already knew a little as it was what we needed to do, introduced the previous game, now played more seriously to tell in a minute your idea, in my case was a “social network for Internet of things”, Juantxo wanted to create a website to make social relations through a meal and other proposals were, “ecological conciliation games’, ‘applications for farmers’ , “exports”… go in total some 20 proposals, not bad if we think that we were about forty.

Presentation Ideas
Presentation Ideas

Dinner and convince

He played dinner and at this time you acercabas ideas that interested you others they approached you and had to better explain what you proposed, capture votes or choose where to vote, get more information about projects and get to know people.

Vote and create groups

With the stomach satiated played making equipments, first had to vote the ideas, here came a small disappointment, my idea was not a winner, which right now I am glad and when acabeis read the article will understand you. But the “app to eat” from Juantxo was selected, and do not hesitate to that wanted to be there the second option was the applications to the field since that could have some automation and is similar to the home automation systems or industry was on my line.

Proposal of Ideas
Proposal of Ideas

Begin the hard but we are still having fun

Assign us a place to each team to work, we settled and we began developing what we want, just between us, we know but looks good Juantxo promoter of the idea and another Spanish, a Hungarian, two French, an Italian and a china and of course I, equipment multinational, already painted well. We started to know some all Aurora, I had an idea about drones that also came out, this formed in logistics and transport, Juantxo is designer and the rest of Team Marketing and business, in my case, I was the only technical, e but with knowledge of web programming.


Breakfast, talk and the great start

Saturday begins with a breakfast McDonalls and should be strong, following a talk about a technology company called Play Concepts and then… Curran, Curran and Curran, I start to layout the web with Bootstrap, leave a little side being with ideas and others each one to his own there are no leaders in the team everything is democratic if someone does something and another does not like, vote, yet decisions were fast work is progressing. All day pass the “red armbands” i.e. mentors advise they give their opinion and guide us, there were lots of them and different areas.

Our team
Our team

Eat and learn about superheroes

Stop to eat, the Organization has it all thought out, it is the first time that between us we know a little because he had only been working, is first a bit more personal interaction, just and the work continues, but afternoon there is another talk, we could say that is motivating Alipio explains that we are Superheroes, but it was a perfect “break” , was doing time that not I laughed both. Of course you just talk and we follow the action.

Super Alipio
Super Alipio

Surprises, dinner and t-shirts

The surprise was beer, the weekend has been the first heat in Leon and is appreciated greatly, Mexican food dinner and could be repeated, so this was good, our team is United, it is strong and all believe in the idea, Juantxo is graphic designer and has a workshop of t-shirts threw you a bluff: “We will workshop and tomorrow we all uniformed” Dodge saying only if we are all going, I wasn’t eager to but he didn’t say NO, a part the idea is good, the team must be United, effectively no one wants to go to sleep without t-shirts, this happens at one in the morning.

Some copichuela with mentors

All me equipment March less I, who had been speaking with one of the mentors, of course, a quick and talking about the project, is almost as continue giving the callus.


Home of the last day

Sunday starts for my with a huge physical and mental fatigue, but with a joy that years that did not have, first because I had never done something like this and it was fascinating, but played Delas latest brushstrokes, each on his side, as long as had had intense experiences with a group of people it felt like we knew we of years ago , but had not given us no time because we were just talking about our project.

Working Hard
Working Hard

Presentación de las Ideas

To five and a half opens the doors to everyone who would like to attend, come the judges and everyone randomly presented our project, there are very good ideas, I see bugs many ours also, but is that this started two days ago, seems impressive in just that period of time there is so much creativity , many prepared websites, marketing plans… as I said two days, towards exactly 48 hours that we entered in Fegulem and still not we knew each other.


Once finished all the exhibitions, there are a couple of papers one of Javier one of the mentors on entrepreneurship, I must admit that I could barely pay attention, a pity but was pending Twitter and commented that the award was important, but if the idea is good you must decide what most people that only the judges, also my website wasn’t in the presentation and it was a joy to be share on social networks.

Third prize an idea takes you on… We were second and first place is for an App for fans to the domestic agriculture, is a great result the judges liked them but the question is if we go forward you like people?

Presentación de el Proyecto
Presentación de el Proyecto


A different, fun, and sacrifice, weekend referred to people with other concerns, with ideas with other formations, the possibility of networking events, not only of ideas that were created if not everything. I recommend anyone go, but don’t want to undertake, to know another world to find out how the new trends.


Always good to finish, our project, YUMMING, a website to enjoy home-cooked meals, a host creates an event puts a price and guests are pointed out, a BlaBlaCar of gastronomic events where people that this alone or travelling to eat and socialize.



First of all thank my team I do not know how they worked, but it is impossible to be better, then to organizers and volunteers, did an excellent job, I felt very comfortable in the entire event, very worried about all the equipment and getting too much pressure so not we slept. Subsequent to all the sponsors, international and national, because without them it would not be possible, opting to entrepreneurship is social work and helps to progress.

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