ERP and CRM custom and Open Source

What is an ERP?

An ERP is a system of enterprise resource planning, is basically a software that makes invoicing and accounting of an enterprise. These programs have a large database of customers, suppliers, invoicing, accounting… We work with Odoo since it is open source and therefore free. It has configurable modules according to the business. For more information on ERPs, follow the link.

Odoo ERP modules

Odoo ERP has a good amount of modules by default, but not install and others that may be open source (free created by the community) or payment and meet practically all the needs of a company.


Modules Basic for Odoo ERP

The apps or modules of Odoo more basic are those that come of series with the program, are free but without install so the program is more lightweight, is installed depending on the needs of the ERP for each business.

  1. TPV (Terminal of point of sale): for stores u hospitality, tend to be screens touch where appears a photo of them products and where the seller selects the sum of each one of them, to perform the invoice or ticket.
  2. Project Management (Project Manager): for those businesses where there is a production or provide services and developments. Lets you create and plan the times required for a project, with calendars and graphics type Grantt or Kanban.
  3. Incident management: this simple module allows you to keep track of incidents and errors of a product.
  4. Purchases, sales and accounting: are three Odoo ERP modules separated, for the management of invoices (purchases and sales), orders, quotes, and the realization of the accounting.
  5. MRP (material requirement planning): order materials for production or manofacturar planning.
  6. Management of stores: management of the goods, where we have every product and in that place.
  7. Human resources: They are several modules that allow you to manage the holidays, absences the recruitment and selection process and all workers having our company.
odoo home screen
odoo home screen

Other modules of ERP

Modules by default package is very comprehensive and practically helps us the most business, as this ERP Open Source enables more applications many of them free and other payment which will be studied in each case whether or not it is necessary to implement.

  1. Business specializations: are modules to specialize our ERP to every type of business.
  2. E-commerce: Odoo integration with other platforms for sale online as Prestashop or Magento, services we also do.
  3. Blogs and online store: we can configure Odoo as on-line store or for who publish us news.

As we see this ERP is very powerful and highly customizable, a great option that we will help you to configure in a local server itself or as service in the cloud.

That is a CRM?

So far we have seen the part of Odoo ERP, but also has a CRM, a customer relationship management system, providing the same data base of our ERP customers and adding more potential clients, with a CRM we can plan Marketing strategies.

Know best to our or segment each customer to subsequently carry out a strategy of sales with a CRM is much more simple and all this comes integrated with our same ERP