Accelerate your WordPress for SEO with Plugins

Speed plugins for SEO

The first thing to have a good SEO is well choose the Keywords and have a well structured site with your title, description, h1, h2… but once that already this solved, we are interested in our blog or website to load at the speed of lightning. Google you give points and improves your positioning if the web is fast. I said that it is the latter, also can come first, create a good WordPress and then write articles and pages that are positioned. In any case go hand in hand.

Accelerate your WordPress with Plugins SEO
Accelerate your WordPress with Plugins SEO

Accelerate your WordPress by compressing

A website really are three types of files: html, css (style sheets) and js (javascript). Html is the web itself to be displayed (actually Wordpress is PHP language that generates html). Style or CSS sheets is what gives “vidilla” websites, colors shapes, without them all internet would be the same. Finally the javascript is a code, a programming language that runs on your computer (unlike the PHP that is a language that runs on the server), serves for everything from give effects, create graphics, Visual effects, games… and this is the skeleton, the skin and the brain of a web.

Because these three types of files when programmers created them we make them very beautiful with many tabs, and line breaks so well see where this every thing in the event of failure or modification. WordPress is created by people, the plugins that add things to our html (e.g. SEO by Yoast creates the description and metadata for social networks). Equally designers create issues and may or may not, have been optimized, then WP handles together and create the website that shows.

It is compressed to speed up your WordPress and improve your SEO
It is compressed to speed up your WordPress and improve your SEO

The first acceleration consists of mimificar all this, that the html is readable e interpreted by the browser but is lighter and occupies less and faster page loads. The following plugins are for this.

It accelerates the HTML with HTML Minify

This plugin us compresses the html itself of this web, is that currently I am using.

JS and CSS with BWP Minify

If we compress the html we should do the same with the other two types of file, the css and the javascript. For this I use the BWP Minify plugin, in addition to create you a cache, later I will go into detail about that.

GZIP compression for WordPress plugin

What we have done so far is minimal compared to the compression, but make no mistake, if this improves a “little” your load time and other “cachin” from another side and something from under the sleeve, because you are adding. But the GZIP if is something really powerful, consists in sending the web compressed, as a. RAR or a. ZIP but in another format called GZIP (different to the already mentioned ZIP). This if dramatically increases your load times getting to your web flow as if it is an F1.

There are plugins for this task but the best is touching the php.ini and change a few things, I will later and a post of how to do this task which is not difficult but requires some technical knowledge.

Cache in WordPress acceleration in the implementation

As mentioned Wordpress is programmed in a language called PHP, every time you see this blog entry, the program makes a request to the database, receives information such as photos to display, the title, content… and that requires time. A text in html is much faster, because the server shows you directly the page without running nothing, without making database requests. That is precisely the Cache, is to save certain pages in which the code does not run whenever someone visits it, but will it is stored as such to make the search faster.

For me this method is the less effective but continues adding points, if have some plugin’s cache and do modifications can not see them in the moment, you must update the cache. I use here the same as for minificar the JS and CSS BWP Minimify.

Acceleration with mobile and SEO

Already long time Google help to position and improve your SEO if your website is adapted for mobile devices, both designs responsives as that show two different websites a for large devices and one for children. The AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) is the latest novelty, it is nothing more than an html without JS and smaller. It is a new standard for websites that are displayed in the mobile. For example this entry can be the classic input of blog (design responsive) but also has another that is the AMP that can see in this link: if both are indexed Google shows it normal or the AMP according to it search is from a computer or from a mobile.

AMP accelerates the mobile websites on your WordPress and SEO
AMP accelerates the mobile websites on your WordPress and SEO

This system is designed to make loading faster, not have elements that saturate the mobile phone that has many fewer resources than a computer (therefore remove the JS) and easy to refer to and read from the mobile itself. If I added it in this post is because its loading should be much faster than the normal page (must be compressed and minificada). For WP plugin for excellence is Automatic over the plugin from Yoast AMP AMP to add metadata and improve SEO.

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