Makers and industry 4.0

The movement Maker

Who are the so-called Makers

Maker translated would be something as well as maker, in Spanish the word not is too well translated, to my personally I like say creator (those makers are almost as gods). And now well, would who is a maker?, as already have said is a creator, i.e., is who makes things. That things do or create the makers, there is everything and are divided into two groups, the maker traditional which would be the craftsmen of all kinds and the technology maker, would be the best known today is the one who helps for machines modern tools like printers 3D or laser cutting or that carries out projects of electronics and computer science.


On the culture Maker

The community Maker is comparable with them associations Hacker’s them 80 (remember hacker is to who you like the technology) in which are born companies as Apple, but improved. Because improved? because a part of include the (computer) hackers can get into group craftsmen, 3D designers, electronic… also the technology has improved from them eighty by what there are more types of maker and especially and especially by them communities, associations as them FabLabs or Makers Spaces (places where is meet them Makers and with machines to do projects) and to internet where several makers is can join and take projects in group from cities different.

Printer 3D e industry 4.0
Printer 3D e industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

On the other hand the industry 4.0 consists in adapting them factories to them new technologies, is says that is the fourth revolution industrial (machine of steam it first, production in chain, Automation). This revolution includes many aspects the first tends to be the technology of the information and the access to internet and the second in importance the open source and the culture maker. My concern is, that I am finding with companies that have years in the sector and need to be updated but don’t know search needs is:

  • Be visible in internet, improve your SEO and adapt it to them networks social.
  • Have advisors technology that know the technologies more traditional and commercial as the open source.

Imagine a businessman who has his mounted business of does because some years even inherited, which spent the 40 years and despite having good qualities to be competitive at present this “lost” does not know even what means SEO or Community Manager and has also always been used to contract out services of Word of mouth, a friend recommends a font

anero to change the installation of your plant. Need to be known on the internet, anyone recommend a person to start does not know to look for it… This problem is real and these companies already formed and assembled can fail only by not know update is.

Also use open source and all it associated to the movement maker can help to be more competitive, surely your competition already is using these technologies. The advantages not only are economic, also technological. The electronic open source and them projects with Raspberry and Arduino not are closed as the electronic commercial, can use an Arduino with Modbus, or with KNX or a combination of both according to the project, but perhaps those sensors is best that are commercial that have a series of test and calibrations.

Arduino for the industry
Arduino for the industry

In short if you have a factory my advice is PUT a MAKER IN YOUR BUSINESS.

Needs of the market

Industries need to upgrade and need to do it now, since Drouiz are aware we help to be more competitive in this aspect we provide two services as technological advisors so that factories come to maker philosophy and carry out projects to make smart buildings. As consultants you help:

  • Advise and improve your SEO.
  • Carry out a plan to add technology Maker to its production.
  • Looking for staff or freelancers that you complement.

If what you want to is program your industry so is modern can know more here.


¿Qué es el Movimiento Maker?

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