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Yesterday we had a master class of SEO positioning with @Minipunk a Mason, that is all a virtuoso in social networks in León and in SEO. Among their feats "hunt" a Facebook security bug. It has been a great experience, not only by their knowledge if not for the form of teaching, sincerely the best experiences in terms of kinds of technology. I explain in a simple way what is html, the Google spiderbot performance and how to get to position your website in a short time. He has denied many of the things I've read on this subject and delved into what is really important. Always with humility and good work, but this "clean gutter" (click on the link to understand it) is the best Hacker I've ever met in person (remember that hacker is one who likes technology and it should make fraudulent use).

@Minipunk and a master class of SEO

Really grateful by share their knowledge without rodeos and without save is nothing, only wishing that prendiéramos it maximum possible, share is live, relied that not be the last time can enjoy of your experience.

And now my experience on the subject, until now when I write here I think of reaching people, but there is another form of writing in a blog or on a page and it is as "fall" in a Google spider. (think in SEO), today started to do my duties and is really different, who is going to read the article is a person and should like you but also has that be in the first position. If you write a blog and just want to share your knowledge you can not give it much importance or the right positioning, as importantly, the reader to capture the message. But if what you need is to make marketing you have to get to the beginning of the web and you have to think differently, using methods and the picaresque without forget about who is going to read the article is a person.

If there was a form of scientific writing, prose, journalism and many more, we now have a new addition changes. One of them tips is that it keyword must repeat is, then, while in the writing "archaic" previous to the century XX tried of avoid repeat words and used synonym now already not is so, there is that repeat and repeat, but also thinking that it goes to read a person to the other side with which must sound well, greater complication. But also in the titles of the text you must include the very word and you have to keep playing well, this is what I'm calling think SEO (think in SEO) and will last until Google workers decide that standards are others and we require that our writing is different.

Luckily this article I'm not thinking about SEO which is much more relaxing to write it, but if that I have begun to do so with other examples, it is not before not to worry me by SEO, but used other techniques throughout the compendium I've found the net and of course nothing to do with like I do now.

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