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What is CRM?


CRM is a software to manage the relationship with a company's customers. With it, we manage the form of contact, sales, budgets, commercial equipment… It is a way of having managed all our contacts in time real, since it may be that the same company have different venues or teams and these updated data at all times well from a pc or a mobile device.

Video overview of CRM for Odoo

As you can see in the video module Odoo, CRM and sales is very simple and intuitive, allows us to coordinate and manage projects and sales strategies, have absolute control in real time from our customers, orders, quotes… a great tool for all kinds of businesses.

Parts of the CRM module Odoo

Sales team

Is our team of commercial, here we can classify our form of sell, by departments, by groups, sale on-line or physical… Even can create teams of sale of a category father, i.e., imagine that have several departments in our company, or several offices, and each one of these groups has several teams.


All of our customers, we can see the status of each of them, if they have updated their collections, if we have quotes or orders pending.


It is a way to collect relevant data on clients to establish a good relationship. For example visitors to your website that fill in contact forms. Is a way of giving a better service to your customers.


It is to planifcar and to track sales opportunities, the default view is Kanban, also can be seen in listing, graphic or calendar. Every opportunity is a card and is displayed in the view to which they belong. Every opportunity has a sale success and potential income, dates and expected closures the sales team that performs it, the category of product…

Then we can convert a sales opportunity to a budget.


I think it is basic, here are our budgets, which may subsequently become a sales order or directly in invoices (module accounting)

Sales order

An order already placed, well if back there is a budget well accepted if done directly, then converted on Bill once confirmed sale.

Recorded calls

To time we have contacted and who us has contacted, a simple list to have a record of all them calls inbound.


Overview of products, here we can know the price of each product, the forecasts, the stock… It is not the most important of this module but must take into account that Odoo is a great program and there will be companies who only want to CRM.

Dedupllicar contacts

Tool to avoid having duplicate contacts and aautomaticamentenos a data from both.

About Odoo

Odoo is a powerful tool Open Surce (free and free) for business and commercial management. It serves for any business. If you want to install Odoo custom and configured for your company not dude in contact with us.

Other modules in Odoo

We will be gradually adding new modules Odoo and as they integrate and work among them, there are a lot of so-called basic modules that are integrated with the Software and then another great selection of pay packages to integrate your Odoo with almost any application.

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