Digital marketing for freelancers

Because a self-employed should know this?

Every day most customers come from the internet it is cheaper to get them but requires time and dedication in the majority of cases but can do many things with a few clicks of a SmartPhone.

Autonomous as CM

A self-employed or a freelance makes everything they can, is the Manager, worker, Administrative Secretary, CEO and if I can last the company monkey, bone is a little bit of everything for himself, as we add be its own Community Manager.

He combines the CM with your work

As we have said everything in your company is autonomous 90% of their working hours is the own service (electrician, plumber, architect…) but carries out budgets, concerns face to face with customers and explains what should be done, should reassure what you know, have good ways to… Where find time to be a CM? in his own work, can take pictures of what we, in the moments of rest looking at our social networks. Equal that the self-employed must have a presence of serious 24 hours per day as opposed to a worker who are 8, the same social networks, you think your friends are on Facebook but also your customers.

Share photos on Instagram

I was initially reluctant to use Instagram, but it has a great potential first because it is one of the most widely used social networks, but secondly because to make a photo share it on Facebook and Twitter, by which the same photo is up to three different places, there are plug-ins including our own that allow you to hang the photos in your Web improving SEO, and showing our customers the latest works that we are doing.

As we have seen preparing well our website and our phone can make photos of our work, just takes us five minutes in a day hang four or five photos and they will appear on three social networks in our web.

Do not want to be a Rock Star

With this title I mentalizing that not only seek followers and want to be an idol of social networks. If we compare it with real life, it is as if someone tells you to stay for coffee once a week and always calls you, if not a week ago it your either and surely the following do not you call because you think that friendship is not in both directions, the social network is the same. Follow people in your sector, other professionals with whom you contribute (if you’re bricklayer, to your electricians, plumbers, surveyors…) to your distributors and stores, brands that most use for your news… NEVER follow accounts of joke or FAKES except that contribute something to your sector. If you’re computer and someone makes jokes about video games or programming, for example. You can follow your friends and acquaintances, but if you want humor or similar do it from your personal account and remove it from the professional. One can be Paco Fernandez and other boilers Fernandez structure your equal networks on Facebook your page staff and your company should be different though then share and retuites.

Create content Original

Any professional should have a blog on your website and create original content. Share the knowledge of your profession helps grow, gives tips on how to request a quote, how to perform a particular job, create videos on a Youtube Channel and create blog posts for them. Not openly criticize your competition, only the bad practice which must be your strengths. Sharing your knowledge help to show your clients that you know to make that work and improving your image.

Share or retweet with head

Whenever you see an interesting content related to your business shares, do it daily and gradually and not sporadically and much. A bit of humor from time to time is also good but especially things related to what do you also news.

Instagram photo

This social network allows you to take photos that will see your followers but apart you can share them on Facebook and Twitter with a click. Three networks social a same photo.

On the other hand there are plugins for CMS like WordPress that placed the photos in your web. Ayuando to the SEO and that those future customers see your work updated.

Follow people

Each week get three new followers from your area, suppliers, clients or potential clients or even your competition. It is a good way to stay informed and alert.

Is a little “ball”

Any commercial cold door you will confirm that we are all susceptible to ear, advertising partners will help them to advertising it. If you are Mason and says something about a plumber that you did together reform, than normal would be that other professional also talk about it and “you pull a flower”.

The trend is fundamental

Looking for that stuff are spoken in every moment, that tags are fashionable, if you can include them without having a forced way to do it. Every day tends to be trend something like #FelizMartes or similar, you can Tweet something like “#FelizMartes today touches our special breakfast” If you’re a coffee shop.

Is a Youtuber of it yours

Create videos on Youtube explaining your work showing that you can do it and that you can teach. Much people with mentality classic think that this is negative, as it people can copy you would maybe think that you are more original that all internet? someone that wants to copy you can do it with just search in Google, also this makes that your customers see as work and that know perform that function, improves their visits and increase your brand personal.

Don’t forget Google +

Google plus network is Google, hardly used and an absolute failure in many ways but has an advantage, helps us very much too to position. So take advantage of this and binds the content of your website.

LinkedIn Professional

If you have a business B2B (company for companies) Linkedin is very recommended because the companies are in Linkedin and them people are in Facebook.

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