SEO VS programming JavaScript on the server

The because of this issue.

Developing an application with social networking APIs, we stumbled upon a matter. I put on record, the APIs they send a JSON data that we ask, is an xml file that corresponds to an object, ultimately a text (.txt) flat and plain where we can pass these data to a variable object with both JavaScript and server languages (PHP, Python, Java…) we can convert it to a variable or group of variables and working with them. The question is then create a listing html. Example practical, with the API of Instagram obtain data of your server, us it sends in JSON, can treat them data with a language of server (in our case are developing with PHP) and write in the html, or capture it with JavaScript and "rewrite" in the section desired where want to insert it.

Initial HTML

With programming in the server

(example in PHP)

When we inspect the page and read your source code, html will have one thing that as well.

<div class="panel-body" style=" overflow:hidden; height: 95px;"></div>
 <div style=" float: left; display: inline-block; padding = 5px; marging = 10px; width:2000px"></div>
 <a target="_blank" title="Cambio de cámara por pérdida de luminosidad infrarroja #videovigilancia #cctv" href=" "></a>
 <img src="" alt="Cambio de cámara por pérdida de luminosidad infrarroja #videovigilancia #cctv" WIDTH=90 HEIGHT=90 class="instagram-photo" src="" alt="Cambio de cámara por pérdida de luminosidad infrarroja #videovigilancia #cctv" width="90" height="90" class="instagram-photo"></img src="" alt="Cambio de cámara por pérdida de luminosidad infrarroja #videovigilancia #cctv" WIDTH=90 HEIGHT=90 class="instagram-photo">
 <a target="_blank" title="Cuanto más alto más vemos #cctv" href=" "></a>
 <img src="" alt="Cuanto más alto más vemos #cctv" width="90" height="90" class="instagram-photo">

Example in JavaScript

This html shows some photos of a profile of Instagram, it would serve to show recent tweets or something Facebook… If now act with JavaScrip our html is will be of the following form.

<div id="instagram" class="panel-body" style=" overflow:hidden; height: 95px;"> </div>

and then a JavaScript script will read the Json and add in this case somewhat similar to what was up.

Advantages of the JavaScript

Google load time is much faster, while the first it must wait for the server to access the API processing and send the html and then upload the photos, with JavaScript will receive the web in html and Google not to have encuenta the scrip will load the page much faster.

Advantages of server programming

As we said Google does not read or process the JavaScript so in our case if you will read the images, their alternative text and urls (we say that all have the same tag that is our key word and appears in the alt of the photo). Advantage of this method is that we have inserted a greater amount of key words and images, Google not only is cool you have your article several times the word, if not this in urls and images. By what will have a greater concentration of the Keyword that want to position.


The loading speed of the server always can be improved with other techniques and above all paying, but increase the key words in our experience greatly improves SEO, before adding a header with the latest photos published in Instagram we had websites worse positioned, if we compare the loading time vacuum, with scrip and web programming. We see that the first will be the faster and almost similar to the second, client JavaScript programming and programming web will have the largest loading time, it is not so interesting that lasts a little more or a little less like that really our web has more number of keywords.

Finally mention that this list becomes a horizontal slider, logically there is no choice but that programming in JavaScript.

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