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After comment in the previous post wired media between machines e parasemos to try different wireless communications. These systems tend to be slower and less secure, but as we all know, offer the freedom of having a connected laptop anywhere in the House without having to worry about a physical connection. In some areas where it would be impossible to get a wired connection, we can use some wireless means.


First of all the best known of all connections, WiFi is the most extended to LANs or local. Many buildings have WiFi networks for their customers or workers. Almost all countries have free frequency 2.4 GHz and it is the one used for wireless communications (microwave ovens work with a similar frequency). The WIFI is a multidisfusion in which you can connect several customers to the same network, providing communication between them or by linking to the Internet. Let’s say that it is as Ethernet network without cables, in fact, the router allows you to bind computers connected by cable to the wireless. (In the next post we will see the Protocol TCP / IP and would be more clear).

Logo of WiFi networks
Logo of WiFi networks


Working on the same frequency as the WiFi (2, 4 GHz) have other Bluetooth communication system, if the WiFi was as the Bluetooth wireless ethernet more resemble a USB port. Usually used for connecting peripherals to a single computer, examples such as headphones or wireless mice.

Bluetooth mouse
Bluetooth mouse

GPRS / 3 G

Surely another protocol without known spare cables, is it that allows mobile phones to connect to the Internet, also in remote locations without access to physical wiring used to connect PCs, also in automation or monitoring of data is used for RTUs (remote PLCs).


There are three less widely used forms of communication usually but today necessary in many situations. Satellite communication is used for really remote places, even today there are places where you install Internet via satellite.

Tetra is a system of radio broadcasting by terrestrial, using repeaters that amplify and transmit the signal. Is a standard European for communications are used in applications military but also in many cases for the industry as for example the oil.

There are some radio frequency bands for use medical, scientific or industrial calls ISM Band.

These three latest technologies have uses little common and for places where is difficult get of another form, to day of today is difficult find a city without band broadband of Internet and more still without coverage 3 G.

I would be remiss to talk about the IR for communication but it is technology obsolete except for the remote controls of certain appliances.

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