Back to the future already is here thanks to Hendo

First skate that levitates

Today apparently is a day normal, but by what I is, today is marketed at last the first skate that levitates. Hendo is a company California that has developed this wonder uses the technology maglev, of them train of high speed Asian that is maintained using magnetism. Although it is great news for the time being there are two problems, the first price, which is $ 10,000 and the second I guess not serve for all surfaces since it will require that the soil has certain magnetic properties.

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The motivation for this great invention not has been “Back to the Future” if not the architecture, the project is even more ambitious if fits, the create buildings that can suspend is in the air in case of earthquakes u other disasters natural.

By the way if you want to idquirir one are already exhausted, were manufactured more by 2015, but Hendo brand sells packs that the company called WhiteBox for engineers and developers (a new toy maker), which brings a levitation motor, its price is higher than $ 300.

Here’s their official website.

Greetings and Geeking.

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