How to know if you have a good installation of alarms.

In the last few days I’ve been watching certain installations of alarms in commercial establishments and seen, at least in my humble opinion, certain negligence. Many people trust in them professional that hire and each which has an idea different of as perform their work, not refuse that with the best will, but even so think suitable create this entry.

No wires or cables?

This is the first question that is made to perform a new installation, from my point of view in new construction must always be wired without a doubt, talk to an electrician and your Installer, you both to agree with you where it is necessary to take each line and situé built-in tube, already to place cables in sight in certain places with an exquisite decoration Mars design set.

In places where the works have already been completed, placing recessed tube is expensive and complicated, since we must make rozas which subsequently must be covered and painted. Alternatives exist as the gutter, that disimularian a little wiring. On the other hand in factories or garages, places with view pipeline or cable tray is possible to perform the installation, more expensive price, placing additional PVC pipes. On the other hand, in places where there are tubes for cables of information (TV, computers or similar) we can use for this purpose.

Plastic articles intended to wiring for walls.
Plastic articles intended to wiring for walls.

In places where it is not possible to install wiring, by decorative themes, where the client decides to wireline facilities must know something. They are more vulnerable, must have that information when choosing. There are inhibitors of signal even signals of hams that can block them detectors and by this void the system, think that if goes to pay a monthly fee by your alarm and this is more easy of disable.

Visible switchboards

The last days I’ve seen various commercial premises with the exchanges of views. First explain that the ECU is which is responsible for notice in the event that a detector indicates any anomaly. Switchboards must be always hidden, why, we can easily access them and block them. Actually it is not so simple they have their own security systems, but sincerely, an installer that does this, not trusted me that you have configured the control panel properly. Will have installers that are in opposition to my arguments, saying that it is very difficult (true, if this well done) attacking a switchboard before you notify the CRA (Central alarm receiver, where take notice to the owner or to the authorities).

Switchboard and typical accessories.
Switchboard and typical accessories.

Detectors and their types

This is a complicated world and really nothing objective, logic prevails and although I can criticize facilities also can be criticized my arguments, the ideal is to protect all access points fill the building of a “herd” of “gossip” expand the switchboard for all these “devices”. Logically that is neither aesthetic nor batato, so it is important to protect all points of access, windows and doors and of course the places of more value.

Concerning them types, it more normal and it best are detectors of movement or volumetric, these is activated to the have a presence in the cockpit, the standard tends to be place is with it back on the wall of the place to indicate and looking towards the same place that the apparatus, more or less, that is the opening that have and what van to detect They also detected on the bottom, if they are sabotaged the ECU also knows it. I.e. they are reliable and difficult to sabotage, provided that they are not wireless because if we issue a signal at the same frequency the control unit may not warn the CRA since by law a detector must “detect” not to be “absent”. In case of wiring if the cable is cut is considered an intrusion so it will know the CRA and the client or the authorities, as the case may be shall be notified.

In my opinion the second important detectors are the perimeter, these serve to surround a farm and know if we have an intrusion. Sometimes, in factories isolated or on farms with a building in its interior, it is important to know that someone enter before entering within the own property.

Finally there is a wide range of detectors, magnetic sensing opening of doors and windows, or sensors that detect the broken glass that help in those places most vulnerable along with presence detectors.

Some useful settings

The first configuration that can be really interesting of know is the code of coercion, not should have a cost additional so is advisable to know. This code “mimics” the original code that unlocks the alarm. In the event that someone forced us to disarm our system, insert these numbers indicate to our CRA that we are being coerced and to notify to the competent authorities for a possible complicated intervention, with at least one hostage.

The configuration areas is also interesting, imagine a two-storey house, access is always the first and when sleep we do it in the second where we have a bath and do not require to change overnight from one to another. We can perform two areas we go to sleep we set the area below, in the event of intrusion alarm our letting know us that we are in danger. Also in positions of work, where each responsible only can arm and disarm your area, leaving protected the rest if not there is personal.

How to transmit of the switchboard can be of different types: telephone, Internet and GPRS, the first two used the same ADSL cable, while the last is by mobile phone, on sites where requires it is recommended to combine them so that if cut us the phone cord switchboard can notify the CRA and not remain unused. No system is hundred percent reliable, all the great empires have fallen but always by any negligence of his generals. But I want to make an analogy, imagine we speak of doors, to price equality should be the more difficult to be open, is perhaps less pretty, but the consumer must be informed, in some places no longer serves us a door of wood or aluminum and require one armoured, logically more expensive.

Cameras and video surveillance

Teams of CCTV or IP cameras, both connected to the CRA as simply via Internet provide us with security and control over our property when we are not, to recognize the intruders, control our workers or make a study of customers who visit our business. In the same way that the detectors, there would be a criterion when it comes to installing such systems, ideally, fill it all camera, same situation would raise the cost. Therefore the places of access should be protected since when jumping a detector cameras in the area are checked to see people. Also them boxes registers and them boxes strong where is saves the money and where the delinquent anger which fly to the light, remember that in many occasions the thief this in house, sometimes someone of confidence or a worker can have it temptation it camera hand scares and prevents the theft and in another us gives it possibility of recognize to the person and put a denounces.

Always systems wiring, at least in my opinion if the client wishes to wifi systems that know their risks, on the other hand would be advisable that the router is not accessible wirelessly, i.e., disable the wifi or protect our system very well. Image recorders must be hidden, imagine that you have a shop and a worker of his steals box, but knows where this recorder and disable it by spraying water. On the other hand in many occasions is recommended placing a box strong to protect these systems keeping them images.

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