The basement of Spain can generate five times more power power that all the network installed

Map of heat on surface of the Iberian peninsula. / University of Valencia

The University of Valladolid has led to out a study scientific on the basement of the peninsula Ibérica, in which have concluded that has capacity to produce until 700 gigawatts of power. Geothermal energy which houses the interior of the earth can multiply by five the capacity of the electrical network in Spain. The communities autonomous with more capacity to produce electricity of form clean are Andalusia, Castile and Leon, Galicia and Catalonia. The work is published in the journal Renewable Energy.

We live in a country of luxury with luxury conditions. Already not is is only of what is sees to simple view, but of what there is under our feet, there, in the basement: an amount of energy geothermal natural that can five times all the electricity that is produces of form artificial. Each km that is deepens the temperature of the Earth increases 30 degrees, a gradient that gets melt elements radioactive present in the mantle land and generate energy. Around the world there are already 500 plants that take advantage of this source to stock up, but Spain is rather backward in this aspect. “Its potential is enormous and could provide a significant power in the medium to long term, constantly 24 hours a day”, says the lead author of the study, César Chamorro.

To 10 km of depth the temperature is of 150 degrees. If this natural quality of the land is used, the stimulated geothermal systems, or EGS could produce, according to the study conducted by researchers from Valencia, up to 700 gigawatts of power. The mechanism is not very complicated, at least as Chamorro, who noted that the first thing you need to do is improve or stimulate the permeability of the subsoil with processes of fracturing rock explains.

In a second step, “exploitation of an EGS system goes through the injection of a fluid, water or carbon dioxide, to extract thermal energy from the rock located a few thousand meters below the surface”. In the last stage, “the heated fluid is the geothermal plant, which produces electricity, with water and a liquid organic heat, and becomes to inject the deposit in a closed cycle,” said Chamorro.

Engineer explains that “in the case of Spain, EGS systems also could reduce foreign energy dependence and reducing greenhouse gas emissions”.

There is still much to investigate, as for example is the best technique for peninsular underground drilling.


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