It was of the 3D

I want to deal with a matter about the technologies that have made us move from the concept of plane to the spatial reality and how from different media have evolved so that computer science today is three-dimensional.

First step the Hardware

The first step was to create called GPU coprocessors these devices help the CPU to generate graphics, something very summarized would say, that the CPU controls the processes on the computer but all the calculations related to graphics is sent to the GPU. The reason is simple the graphics require many operations and more which are in 3D of this form fight of load to the CPU. On the other hand, these devices are more specialized for operations that require the animations so they are more efficient in this regard.


Cartoon 3D

According to those computers were advancing in capacity and performance are born animations generated by them. Pass of the classical drawings echos handmade to designs three-dimensional. The first design by computers was in the movie of Disney Tron, where a simple polygon representing a bit answered whether or no to the questions. However the great step Pixar gave it an application of fractals to the creation of scenarios or trees and fully computerized designs. Resltar blockbusters such as Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park digital effects.

Michael Wazowski monsters SA de Pixar character.

There are this years software for realization of three-dimensional animations and we started with the 3D Studio one of the first and the most famous to the present day. There also is another large, open source, the Blender potently and grandiose programme and finally the Maya one of the trendiest perhaps for many designers the best, but it is not my intention to discuss that here.

Video games are made in 3D

If a company like Pixar making an investment is your time to buy super computers that made the animations are recorded and projected in cinemas or at home is relatively simple, but who has a super computer? Thus here continued our history of space, with increasingly powerful PCs that can process large graphics data in real time and make us enjoy real, three-dimensional world. Everyone knows that the PACMAN was a game completely 2D, but spatial games existed as the Wolfestien which consisted of go killing nazis out left and right in a castle, but the animations were drawings two-dimensional textures. I.e. If we girábamos on the own nazi soldier always watched the same drawing and it was not until the arrival of Mario 64, which we enjoyed purely 3D games and from that moment everything has been increasingly more rapid and more realistic.

Wolfestien, game 3D with 2D characters

Images in stereo flat screen

The first films that existed three-dimensional consisted in two images superimposed with two colors predominant different on another image main, us put some glasses where each lens was of a color and “branded” the brain believed see in three dimensions. But clearly the range of colors we sacrifice and it was quite artificial. Even so had thousands of animations and books that used said 3D not suitable for colorblind (it say’s joke I it am and saw without problems the images). But I get the definitive technology sunglasses polarized differently each lens, then we have two images with different polarization, the same system as with colors, but using something more sophisticated, I do not intend to go into detail on this subject but in serious summary travelling by a light of any color in horizontal and the other vertical, the two we see without glasses and a glass lens passes the horizontal and the other lens vertical. Animation softwares allow you to create this type of content directly to the render, but in real images using a camera double with a separation similar to the eyes between these cameras each one captures two images that are then mixed.

Drawing to view in 3D with colored glasses

Design in dihedral to directly create 3D

Engineers, architects and draftsmen so far have worked with design 2D, flat in different forms of representation using the famous Autocad and previously by hand, but for years working directly in 3D, creating a solid with programs such as Inventor, SolidWorks and Catia. The benefits were huge these programs made it possible to simulate the solid before you manufacture it so they gave us an idea about if would fulfill its function, we could also see how they fit the pieces, simulate movement… etc.

Gear created with SolidWorks

Architects took a little more time, makes sense in some machinery it is very important to create everything with precision and then the CNC to make us the final designs and they are functional, but is different in architecture is not so important, in fact only typically used the upper surface of the House. But there is already software to build houses as the Revit 3D, but the interesting thing about this software is not as such 3D design, is to create the building before you manufacture it, both the structure and facilities. Therefore we can simulate and calculate with the program structure or the facilities of climate or electrical. Therefore we save much time calculations.

Rendering Revit

In this area we speak of the Rhinoceros that is a software for 3D editing that applies to everything and anything, really makes no simulations or animations, but is the most versatile to create three-dimensional models

The 3D WebGL in Internet

Desktop applications are more efficient to run apps in a browser, yet ease of connection to Internet from any device is favoring the design of three-dimensional applications in web pages and use the libraries for WebGL. The usefulness of applications can be upload our designs (industrial, animations, or other) and that anyone can see them and enjoy them without having to install anything and schedule simulations or games that run through a browser.

The Ethereal reality, 3D printing

Is not possible to conclude this post without speaking of the 3D printers, what are? for that, you have a design and print it in 3D, collect toy soldiers, since you do not buy more bajatelos of internet and imprimelos yourself. Currently the printers of plastic, the most common, they are booming because many geeks want a and being a little handyman, thus we can manufacture them us for about € 500 or less.  And this has done nothing more than start now there are printers of resin, they are working on the metal and it is believed that in the near future they will create a heart with stem cells printers.

Brand Lion 3D printer

Greetings and Geeking

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