App to control PCs from the phone

There are several of these App in the market but today I want to speak you of Unfied Remote, searched of install the server in a PC and the App in your mobile. It works through a TCP/IP Protocol, opening a port and the local IP address of the machine in question. Can also be controlled via the Internet, if we open a port on the router and connect the IP publishes of the machine.
The App searches for devices on your local network or add them manually by adding the IP address of the machine to control in question. Two versions exist the free that we can control, keyboard and mouse, view files, multimedia control… and the payment to specific methods for some programs.
The reason why I mention this application is simple, we live in a world where all people have our own mobile and carry it everywhere, would be our remote control, we are in our salon with a Raspy we manipulate it from the mobile phone, go to the room and with the same App can use a remote control.
Is that is something relatively simple, but combining it with the home automation, have all our House controlled from our mobile, music, TV, computers… and own systems home automation, light intensity, temperature…
Greetings and Geeking

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