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Due to a project that I just start it is essential to increase my knowledge of design and programming for web pages. And I wanted to make a small summary of the technologies available for this type of work.

We will start talking about the famous known by all HTML, the web itself, it is in essence a simple language to bind some documents with others, thus was born, as a way of organizing information, is an open system, with a simple note editor you can create your own html page. Two parts there are header (head) where to place certain information, as the language that is written, overview of the web, title… and the body (body) where we will place the web itself, what we see in the browser. There are thousand manuals html in millions of Internet sites.


The second part are the CSS, style sheets, serve to organize the information of the fonts from the web site. With an editor of notes also create them styles, can be integrated in the same document html or be a document external, more recommended the second to avoid repeat code in each document, of this form them different html of a site called to a same document CSS to know which is the format that must use.
The following document is XML, this document should be the first since CSS and HTML are a type of XML. Basically serves to create ordered structures, it is very simple then we have an example of its use.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <refrescos>They have bubbles and sweets</refrescos>
  <zumos>They are obtained from fruit</zumos>
  <agua>H20 with some mineral salts</agua>
   <cerveza>Fermentation of cereals</cerveza>
   <vino>Fermentation of the grape</vino>
   <sake>Drink japoensa which is optiene of rice</sake>
   <whisky>Distillation of the cereal</whisky>
   <ron>Is obtained from the cane of sugar</ron>
   <orujo>Distillation of wine</orujo>

As we see organizes the information by placing <palabra>information </palabra>, it is said that html and css are a type of XML, because in them we cannot use any word, only those that are defined, for example if we want to put a bold letter in html will use <b>bold text </b>.

Until now, only we can create pages that do not interact with the user, but if for example you create a blog like this, we will need two new MySQL and PHP technologies. MySQL is a database, i.e., stores data, as well of easy. This blog has different entries, each entry has a series of data, date of creation, the info that I'm writing right now and that will be the end… because that is the Mission of MySQL, organize those data, these data can access is of several forms if I install a database in my computer, in a network local or in internet, can create a program for example in C++ that look for that info and work with she, but if want to perform those queries, modify data add things… from a website will use PHP, so basically it is a programming language to create what are referred to as dynamic web pages, which is to say change that the user can work with them.


Already have a summary of the parties most important in developing a web site, the type of design that I want to create, I will tell you about the SVG are vector documents, such as those created by Illustrator, Corel or Autocad, but with a special feature XML, i.e. we can draw with a blog of notes, this type of vector graphics can be used to create a drawing and modify colors. At the moment I won't post any example of that file, you'll wait until finished my website and you can see what you can do with them.

After this overview, I wanted to give some advice, if you are going to start to make websites, start with a program I use Dreamweaver can be made almost everything with, can draw and creates the html, css, php… so it is not necessary to know by heart the commands for each document type, actually this software has a very good power and is quite intuitive, here you have a manual.

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