6 tips to save energy


About energy saving

This article will try to give some guidelines to save energy, surely many already know them and are totally logical but hope that some are new and get more efficient and sustainable, saving more and more each day.

1. -Use the facilities with head

Using only the power of the appliances that you need

As I said many are basic, but sometimes it is in the more sin, turn on devices that do not use stop on television or neglect is something where we can save. There are solutions to many of these systems, for places of step lighting we use motion detectors, especially in long corridors or stairs of community, imagine a building of ten flats if we turn on the light this is activated for a period of time for all the floors, but and if you’re just going to the first? solution, turn on each independent floor in addition of being more comfortable by not having to search button, lights as we move each floor or every area.

Building Cove
Building Cove

Energy from the Sun without investment of Natural light.

You reorient your business or home to take advantage of natural light, make sure the windows are one side of your office if you work with a computer and uses a Store to regulate the amount of light you need. For craftwork light must affect, i.e., from the top down and that let us not shade ourselves. In any case solar light must directly impinge on our face or eyes.

Store and energy saving
Store and energy saving

Saving energy without roasting us or freeze us

In the areas and times cold us love climb the thermostat to temperature «heat infernal» some people fearing bills of gas or energy and simply come to «begins to melt is the iron» on the other hand in them places more warm and in summers the air conditioning is in «them penguins have cold» or «next to the zero absolute». Actually both for our health as to save energy this is not no good, in winters the temperature of the premises should be lower than in summer. How? If friend if, not is good get to a local of the street with temperature cold «to the calorcin» or in summer with a temperature high «to the frequito», are changes sharp of temperature that affect to our health. The thermostat in the winter between 21 to 23 ° C and in summer of 23 to 25 degrees thus establishes it RITE that is the standard we follow in Spain.

Not only energy, save water in showers

not a swim for three hours on a cold winter night like the who before going to sleep? As equally to the formerly hot water is not too good for sudden thermal change. On the other hand always is better to a shower than a bath, unless we put under the artichoke until you grow grass in the shower tray. On the other hand once we adapt (or are it already) at a temperature, it would be advisable to lower the temperature of the thermostat, much less cold water mix better. Other tips would be using the minimum of water hot and more it cold at the time of washing or scrubbing.

Saving showers
Saving showers

2-consumption ghosts saving without exorcisms

Ghost consumption is not that your House has a poltergeist, are these lost small electronic devices that are turned off but not completely, so the TV is turned on with the remote control requires a small consumption, the same microwave or even devices such as router, is which can be a bit tedious to turn off all those devices when we marched or turn them to return home. There is a solution, separate the circuits of plug, the simplest case is to separate into two, normal plugs and those who require power always, as the refrigerator and leave disconnected first with a switch or even if has a alarm that this will disable all these systems, your Installer can do it. On larger installations are automatic automation for this purpose, telecontroladas even from the mobile phone in which we specialize.

That the ghosts don't you steal energy
That the ghosts don’t you steal energy

3 look at the energy label

What is the energy label?

Say that is a seal that have almost all them products that buy that are linked to a consumption, light bulbs, appliances and even the wheels. Indicate in a graphic way what media is more efficient that other similar product.

Energy label
Label energetica11.

As estimating the depreciation of energy

The label tells us how much we save, average us suppose that we have a light bulb and it has a 100% normal consumption and we are going to buy a new one, this time choose one A ++, when we see the characteristics indicates that it consumes 5whr, the price of Kw is approximately 0.14 more 0.17 VAT rounding.

  • A normal light bulb consumes 100 and it consumes less than 30, we can estimate it at 20, so a normal bulb will be around 8 times more than consumption about 40w minus consumption current 5w giving 35w, these are the Watts that we saved in an hour.
  • We divide between thousand because we go from Watts to kw 0, 035kw
  • multiply by 0.17 cents / kw, here have a value that seems really low (only is a bulb imagine five or ten) 0.00595 cents to the hour, that we save.
  • to know one day consumption multiply by the estimation of hours that we lit assume 8: 0.0476 cents
  • annually is that same by 365 and divided one hundred (worked with cents of euro): 1,734€
  • Let us suppose that this bulb costs US €6 (more or less normal price of an LED): 3.4 years, i.e. in about 3 years and three months investment in energy will be redemption.

This example is for a change of dichroic without installer workforce, taking into account that a normal dichroic consumes a minimum 50W and according to the transformer can reach even to overcome the 55W Furthermore the LEDs have a longer service life which leads to increased investment to change it for less time.

4 plugging holes to save

All the little isolated places lose energy cover the bottoms of doors and windows helps prevent leaking heat or cold and thereby reduce consumption of heating. Use rugs can help to isolate more soil, blind holes, if you like DIY can seal them with polyurethane foam to insulate better. Another option is to place reflectors behind radiators papers so that heat is not lost by the wall and return, up to 30% of energy with this simple method.

5 adapting the electricity bill to our needs

Here we have two issues, the first term of the second power marketers seeking cheaper. The term power is something that we pay way fixed by having a maximum, if we don’t use it can be lowered. How to know it? well here seems complicated and explain it to the public in general lower power term may not be able to turn on the washer and cooking at the same time and depends on each situation or affects every business this. Similarly the change of marketing is complicated in a document that claims to be just technical (if one although somewhere I’ve been formulas, but here it is more difficult and poor management can give us enough scares) and there are different concepts, then the distributors also have their small print and the rates rise. We recommend an energy audit for your home or business.

6-remove the fines to reactive

I did not want to get too into devices or systems and investments, but in some places is very highly recommended, repayments are less than one year, if you have three-phase can help you to install a battery of capacitors that will eliminate these sanctions. Find your electricity bill and check if you have any such sanction.

But that is it reactive? I have always said that it is a power that is not consumed but if charge lines, it is as entering a motorway by the first toll, take it whole at the end to turn, take it back to the turn and when we get tired after ten or twenty turns out and only pay a highway toll. If this makes it a car is not much problem but many more vehicles more traffic more deteriorating asphalt, etc… also the reactive, not used if it is very little not there is sanction, but the more you have more fine.

What generates it? engines, air conditioners and refrigerators (motors have), also the transformers and there are many in luminaires or the ballasts of fluorescent.

reactive energy
reactive energy

The last chart is best to explain this energy, okay the foam of the beer when it is low, but if we go to a bar and the glass has more foam than safe beer that we will claim the waiter, the sum of the reactive and active is called apparent.

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