Smart City

Smart City and facilities

This is a short summary of a Smart City and its facilities, obviously a Smart City has more systems like human interaction for access to parking or public interfaces of tourism. In this case we will only try our specialty being the responsible and efficient management of the Smart City.

Smart City
Smart City

A Smart City lighting

Smart City and efficient lighting

First of all must see that a Smart City requires of a lighting public of low consumption, currently it more successful is the technology LED and its evolution constant. Control of the intelligent city by means of a platform that manages the GPS position every lamppost and the network that feeds it can help a maintenance, prevent theft of cable or notices for theft of power of the Smart City.

Regulation of the Smart City

There are two lighting management systems in a Smart City, which of course are not incompatible, for sensors of lighting that ensures a certain luminosity and schedules. The regulated system involves a sensor in each luminaire or group of them, by regulating the light that emits based on external sources, their disadvantage is the added price of the sensor.

It system by schedules is regulates by clock astronomical calculating the output and put of Sun and descending the intensity in them hours of morning improving the pollution light of the Smart City and reducing costs energy.

The Smart City and the water

The Smart City networks

Control of sanitary and waste so much water network is the key to a good supply of the Smart City, using sensors and actuators control the network and we redirect water if needed fail at some point in the system. Also position GPS pumps and valves can help the maintenance of the Smart City. Water control can be a saving in costs from the combination.

The water purification, Smart Cities and water treatment plants.

The watermakers and water treatment plants are systems that already have a major automated system with increasingly better technology to do so. The management of the Smart City must focus is in systems heuristic of improves of performance and efficiency of those same depending on their consumption and hours of the day.

Smart City and overall control of water

The real revolution in the management of waters of the Smart City is a system of control global, a big data that us allow know them "customs of the own city" to generate a system each time more efficient.

Waste generated in Smart Cities

Waste management

It management of waste is one of the greater problems of any city by this them Smart Cities must improve this aspect fundamentally. As in any other facility know the habits of the city and generate efficient collection routes according to the filling of containers, which must have sensors that warn the filler of the same.

Automation of waste

A Smart City must know at all times the management of waste and create collection routes as possible taking into account traffic management more efficient and less polluting.

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