Manual of Linux 1-What is a system operating?

Operating systems

The evolution of Electronics has come to create complex systems with different drivers and several programs running at the same time on the same machine. The operating system is responsible for managing all the resources of a computer recognize the hardware and make it available to applications. If not exist them systems operating each program should interact with the hardware of the team by his has and may create incompatibilities or problems because each electronic and manufacturer has their "rules". Another of them functions is create the environment for Act, can be an environment by commands as the old MS-DOS or more graphic as Windows, Linux retains both and also can choose between different environments graphics customizing even more our system.

Therefore and in short the system operation is the intermediary between the electronics and applications, a little is the judge who directs and assigns priority to each process.

Let's talk about Linux

Linux is a free and open operating system inspired by Unix, written by Linux Torvalds. UNIX was a system created for use on different machines (PC, Mac, supercomputers…) therefore it is not a simple system, Linux has that feature. The evolution of this operating system has been, to a large extent, by being open source, i.e. we can find the entire program and freely modify it, we could say that we have plans with all quality of detail and due to the proliferation of internet thousands of users have modified the code improving it and adding their two cents. Although originally it was not meant to be a simple system currently has progressed in this part taking graphical desktop environments for less experienced users.

Distributions of Linux

Linux being an open system, there are large amount of distributions, each company or organization has created its own version of this operating system and have evolved, from a distribution other retaining some of its parent. Among the more well-known highlight RetHat, Debian, OpenSuse, Ubuntu… Why Linux is not only have great capacity to choose between different systems.

Distributions LInux
Distributions LInux

Shell and desktop environments

Linux works by line of commands and retains its essence since was created, on the other hand is have gone developed environments of desktop as KDE, Gnome or x-Windows, but still using is by under the console for many features, on the other hand highlight that can use them distributions of Linux without environment graphic, very common in servers where not is necessary add functionality that not is used or even customize our distribution with the environment of desktop that more us like, as we see Linux gives us many options to suit our tastes and needs.

Linux console
Linux console

Users and groups

Finally mention that Linux is multi-user and mutitarea, can run several tasks, and each one of a different user. All Linux users must have an account that set priorities for them and where can access. Users manage in groups and can give priorities to an entire group of users.


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