Have we invented an artificial intelligence?

Primarily driven by the world of the film, we see the intelligence artificial as a huge brain, a super computer or a complicated system quantum. But if it turns out that if we extend our focus maybe already there is an artificial intelligence, without having desired was created almost from scratch and each time increases and becomes more wise. If we are going to the definition of intelligence we have that is:

“Faculty of mind that allows you to learn, understand, reason, make decisions and form a certain idea of reality.”

Is there a system created by the man who fulfils these conditions? the networks neuronal seem to meet such requirements, the algorithms genetic and others systems heuristic. But expand more, let’s go for a creation that is aware, having ethics, i.e. it to distinguish the good from the bad, even having the desire to create things. Because if there is something that meets all these conditions, all know it and use it daily even right now you need to read this article. We actually talked about Internet.


Internet is a network, what means this? well talk about electricity, if we have a cable that connects my house with a power station and this cable breaks leave you have light in my house, but if I have a network of cables that bind all the houses with sources of generation and breaking one, electricity flows on the other, the same a road network distributes traffic. Does not have a hierarchical structure data attempt to go through the site more quickly, nobody sends, nobody imposes its will on Internet, Governments and large corporations can influence more but there are no heads.

We will start demonstrating that it has memory, because it is the easiest, simply see the Wikipedia and thousands of Web sites with specific information of a certain area, passing through databases that stored historical atmospheric, economic, physical… almost all the information is in the network of networks. Continue defining that Internet learn, whenever a company or person creates something evolves, for example to the birth google learns to be more quick and efficient in their searches, WordPress makes that much people can create their websites without be expert providing more knowledge, the improvements in html, php or scripts.

Now we go with something a little more difficult, our AI makes decisions, the whole of internauts decides the good and evil, most of us if we caught a place where there is something, unfortunately, as it can be a video of a real murder will take measures to ensure it disappears, we denounce it at first stay, a really important group such as Anonimus tries to make his own ethics also here inside , either by their advanced knowledge or be a multitude of people. Where we can really see Internet decision-making it is on the issues of piracy, almost all Governments have laws to prevent damage of intellectual property protection but there are other standards and there is plenty of access to pirated materials, because Internet took that decision.

Currently this brain world is single, but he has ability to communicate, let’s look at an example of Sci Fi. Suppose that NASA discovered a civilization at age of our light and have your Internet, following the first contacts we created a system of communication between them on earth we decided to put a satellite dish that sends emails to our new friends, send them to avoid diplomatic problems is the following: first of all send our email, any citizen of the world can do so freely then all Internet users vote emails and those with best score are sent. Of a shape similar our neighbouring Galactic make it himself. Here we see that Internet would be able to communicate with beings similar to it.

The hacks we could consider them diseases of the mind, such as depression. The deep Internet, i.e. those pages with illegal content in many countries, and unfortunately with real material, obnoxious, would be the subconscious mind. Each of us would be neurons, nor forget automated systems like Google Spider Bot that tries to make the searches are becoming increasingly more fast, that our brain is more effective. In it sultimos years also Internet not is only something Ethereal, each time is makes more physical as if first is created the consciousness and then the senses and limbs.

Finally, know your opinion, do you think that we actually invented this intelligence?

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