Green light for the use of drones in Spain

The prototype drone carried out in France. / J. P. CLATOT (AFP)

Less than two months ago, the Ministry of public works announced that the regulation of the operations carried out by unmanned aircraft, known as drones, was imminent. That time has come: on Friday the Government has approved a frame temporary regulatory that establishes the requirements for these appliances to operate, as well as the obligations that have to meet the drivers and the companies that use them.

The reason, explained Ana Pastor, is to “take advantage of the great economic potential that has this emerging sector”, and which still has not been able exploit found in a vacuum situation legal. Standard created a provisional framework before entry into force of the final legislation that Spain meets “to the development of new technologies while ensuring the safety”, said the Minister.

The Council of Ministers intended that the drones may be employees in research and development operations, extinction of fire, aerial surveys, filming and surveillance, aerial advertising and emergency operations, search and rescue, among other activities. To ensure safety, is maintained the ban on overflying the towns, at least until the definitive regulation do not see light.

Facing the pressures of an industry in constant development, the Government has dealt with “historic change”, according to Jordi CAT UAV Santacana, company that has more than one decade working in the capture of images for scientific projects using unmanned aircraft. “It is a question of credibility and professionalism in the face of the customer. This policy creates a climate of stability and generates confidence in potential investors, “has an Apostille.

As regards the type of authorized to operate aircraft, three categories are distinguished: drones inferior to two kilos, up to 25 and more than 25. All them devices must of have a plate of identification and them professional managers of handle them operations in land must of have with any license of pilot, even it of ultra-light, or demonstrate of way irrefutable their knowledge.

The framework indicates as “one of the main novelties” drones weighing less than 25 pounds at take-off need not be entered in the register of registration of aircraft, or have a certificate of airworthiness – requirement that superior – are required to weight equipment. “The standard is going in the sense right”, explains Manuel Onate, President of AERPAS, the Association Spanish of systems of flight piloted of form remote. Oñate makes a parallel with the French industry, which regulated the use of unmanned aircraft in 2012, and explains that there the majority of the operations is carried out by aircraft weighing less than 25 kg.

“As soon as you have a regulation the market explodes, but this is only the beginning”, ensures Oñate. It shows that Spain has some 20 companies that produce drones, among manufacturers, system integrators, and that this number is inevitably destined to grow, in line with the estimates of the European Commission, which provides for this industry to hijack 10% of the aviation market in the next 10 years.

Source: The country.

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